Still Mineral Water PET Bottle 1.50 L


Code : WTSB-012

San Benedetto “Fonte Benedicta” is a low mineral content water that originates from the glaciers of the Dolomites and after a long filtration process, reaches the water table of the Scrozè. A balanced composition of minerals and trace elements make it suitable for everyday drinking for the whole family. It promotes digestion and boasts diuretic properites, is approved for low-sodium diets and can be used in the preparation of infant formula.
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Product detail

Every drop arrives from a long underground journey, unchanged for thousands
of years. It starts in the glacial snows of the enchanting Dolomite mountains and
slowly flows through the Venetian Alp sand, naturally filters to the plain, taking
up mineral salts on its way.
• p.H. 7.5
• Low sodium
• Recommended to be used in the preparation of infant formula.