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Barolo Brunate, the latest edition of Batasiolo wines imported in Thailand

   - As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the vineyards of Piedmont are without a doubt, living up to the name of producing Italy’s greatest reds, the Barolo and Barbaresco.
   - It is known that the wines produced in this region are of the highest quality and the Barolo is no doubt, “The King of Wines” and the “Wine of Kings.” This is because this high quality wine made 100% from the very best Nebbiolo grapes that reflects indefinitely the culture and lifestyle in which the vines are grown in and the so called terroir: the earth in which it grows in,  the atmosphere and the natural surroundings.
   - Within the Piedmont region, there are many different communes where the most famous areas in the Piedmont region are the Brunate, Cannubi, Cannubi Boschis, Bussia and Fiasc. The Barolo Brunate wine belongs to the winery called Beni Di Batasiolo. This wine is the new arrival from Batasiolo that is competitive in price, high in quality, produced from one of the prized wine-growing area of Barolo and most importantly, from a reputable winery in Piedmont. Batasiolo wines, imported by Italian Fine Wines and distributed and sold by Italasia Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd, are one of the company’s most sold wine brands in the country.
  - The story of Beni Di Batasiolo commenced by the Dogliani brothers; they were inspired by their vineyards and the silhouettes of nature that made them create the name “Beni di Batasiolo.” In the old local dialect the word “beni” means a property or estate, this therefore shows the idea of the unbreakable bond existing between the farmer and his vineyard that is then encapsulated in the name “Beni di Batasiolo”.
  - What makes Batasiolo so reputable is their expanse of the finest vineyards in the country with the production of wines of the highest quality that reflects the culture and richness in resources in the area that gives particular character to the wines. Known above-all for its great reds,Batasiolo produces all the most celebrated wines grown in the region, including Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d’Alba Sovrana and Dolcetto d’Alba Bricco di Vergne, as well as great whites such as Moscato d’Asti Bosc dla Rei, Langhe Chardonnay Morino and Gavi del Comune di Gavi. This magnificent range is completed by the elegant Batasiolo Metodo Classico millésimé and the exclusive Moscato Passito Muscatel Tardì. 
   -  Barolo is the emblem of the cellar’s production, its real pièce de résistance, and Beni di Batasiolo is proud to present as many as four different Cru grown on the privileged hills of Barolo, Monforte, Serralunga and La Morra: Barolo Bussia Vigneto Bofani, Barolo Boscareto, Barolo Cerequio, Barolo Brunate, and the winner of many awards, Barolo Briccolina.
  - The Barolo Brunate of Batasiolo comes from the vineyards that are exposed to the South of the Piedmont area where the land is composed of bluish Sant’ Agata marl, a specific type of limestone that is intercalated with sandy veins deep down. This gives the wine richness in minerals which consequently lend perfumes, longevity and structure to the wine.
  - A typical Barolo is usually dry, full bodied, and robust in it’s flavors with high acidity, alcohol, and tannins. On the nose, the aromas reflect the bouquet of ripe strawberries, roses, violets, tar, as well as truffles. By being a Barolo Brunate, the features of the wine the refore differs due to the production area. The distinguish features of a Brunate, comparing to other Barolo’s is that besides from being full-bodied and tannic, this wine is also very fresh, full, and persistent. This is because of the lime stones which gives them minerality and longevity. It is very well balanced with pleasing flavors of dried fruits, stewed prunes, spices, and also aromas of roasting. This wine can indefinitely be enjoyed with a combination of dishes based on red meats, game, roasts, cheeses as well as cured meats.  
   - The most common question people ask is “What is a great wine?” A great wine may not be a wine that you may enjoy, but it can be many things. However, the most important characteristic of a great wine is a well-balanced wine that shows distinctive typicality that reflects the area in which the vines have grown in that is distinct from others and the meticulous production that is of Barolo, one of the world’s most celebrated wines.